Dear Parents and Prospective Students

Welcome to the web pages of MSCAS !

Thank you for visiting our website to know more about Mohamed Sathak College of Arts and Science. The College is an exciting place to study, where you will have the opportunity to experience and develop an understanding of the latest technologies as you prepare for a career in arts and science.

A point of pride for the College is our faculty members, who have worked extensively in different industries and who provide a focused, practical education that emphasizes significant experiences for our students.

We have ninteen undergraduate, nine post graduate, six research and two PG/diploma programmes each of which offers broad educational opportunities and career paths.

We continuously challenge our students, helping them gain the knowledge and skills necessary to begin a rewarding career and to become a lifelong learner. There is only one certainty in technology: continuous change. We prepare our students to embrace this change and to become leaders in the design and implementation of new technology that will benefit all of us, as we work together to fashion a prosperous and sustainable global community. We hope you will consider joining the College.

Best Wishes