Parents Teachers Association

The parents / teacher association is a body comprising of parents and teachers of an institution of learning who meet two times annually to discuss matters on the educational, moral and spiritual well-being of the students or pupils of the institution.

But because the parents still play an important role in the life of the student, it becomes necessary and important to group the two main actors at this stage of the student’s life to work together in raising a complete human person. The idea of a PARENTS / TEACHERS ASSOCIATION came to be borne out of the necessity to avoid conflicting methods and approaches in raising the student.

From the very moment that a student begins college, his or her life is no more influenced by the home environment, but also by the new environment which is the college. Parents are the primary actors in the life of the student and the teachers are secondary actors. Both are participating in the upbringing of the student in different ways and as a result it becomes very important to establish a common forum for both parents and teachers to come together to discuss issues pertaining to the welfare of the students.

While the students are in college the teachers are acting in local parents, especially in the area of discipline, and therefore the necessity for both parties to meet in each semester to exchange notes and form a common ground of action in the best interest of the students.


Teachers are more involved in the academic work of the students and must see to their academic growth, strength and soundness. Parents are more or less active in this area. It becomes imperative therefore for parents and teacher to meet and discuss the academic development and performance of the students so as to enable the parents to participate by allowing them through discussions to appreciate the standard of learning imparted to the students, be able to understand the difficulties which some students face. Parents are able to the see the importance of following up their students at home because they know the particular difficulties which their students are encountering at college.

Thus in a forum of this nature there is bound to be a bridge between the parents and the teachers which go a long way to help the students and take away unnecessary blames and accusation which sometimes, bring gross misunderstanding between parents and teachers with regrettable consequences. Meetings like this have the advantage of a very frank and open discussion which leads to resolutions being taken in the interest of all concerned and as a result avoid unpleasant situations.

It is incumbent on the teachers to help students whose behaviour and attitude leaves much to be desired. At this stage of their growth kids suffer from peer influence and will readily copy what their friends do without giving a thought to the correctness of what they are copying.

Such problems are well addressed in PTA meetings so as to keep the parents aware and so enable them to be vigilant. Some students exhibit tendencies which their parents are not aware of and these are brought to the notices of the parents when parents and teachers meet under the umbrella of a PTA meeting. Parents become aware of certain negative attitudes of their wards known only by the teachers, and this helps the parents to work in correcting such attitudes.

It is a well-known and established fact that college environment and regulations have been improved and made more conducive for learning over the years through a great deal of participation and contribution of ideas from parents.

Parents and teachers have worked together to improve on the living standards of the students within the campus and outside which have contributed a great deal in enhancing the living standards of the students, as well as their condition of health, etc.

PTA Meeting will be conducted two times in an academic year that is in September for Odd Semester and February for Even semester. Message will be send to the parent’s registered mobile number and also informed to the students in the classes also.


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